Why MSUK...?

MSUK believes in a trustful and sincere relationship with our clients. As a professional firm, we are always up to date with the latest guidance on the statutory financial statements, relevant returns and regulations, so you can be assured of how your businesses’ crucial information is prepared.


We are well aware of the fact that successful businesses are looking for bright advisors who can meet their necessary requirements for their successful strategies. MSUK is here and we hope you and your business benefit from our professional, tailor-made and quality of services in both fluent English and Korean.


Client Testimonials


We are very happy and relieved with how our business account is prepared as well as relevant returns are dealt. We had worked with other teams of accountants before, but MSUK is the best and superb which encourage us with that there is a professional and concise team there who properly know about our business and who we are. They do genuinely want to support us with their own warmth and friendliness, rather than seeing us just as a client ID number.


J.Choi, Director,

ENI Shipping (UK) Limited

I have know them for years and cannot find any reason not to compliment and recommend MSUK. They are concise, accurate and reliable and most of all, they ease the complicated matters with outstanding solution. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank their services and I am happy to recommend to any business who need reliable and trustworthy accountants.


S. Park, Director,

TSC Aesthetic Limited

MSUK has been our valuable business partner for years whilst they were accountants for our business. We are very satisfied and relaxed with how my business is supported by MSUK, so that I can purely focus on my core field of business. The promptness was the key factor for the success of the business and they did their best to help our business whenever we needed their assistance.It has been massive help, great service, value for money and true assurance.


S. Seo,


It has been a while with MSUK by now. They are ceaselessly pro-active and as a client, I get real benefits and assurance of our business activities. I have, and would recommend MSUK as professional and friendly accountant. MSUK team explain everything in an easy-to-understand way with sound advice. 100% Satisfied.


J.Coffey, Director,

Openat Ltd.

It was significantly easier and clearer to prepare for my tax return and others because of MSUK team's straightforward explanation and support. I was very impressed with their quick, thoughtful and friendly service which is different from other accountants. Whenever I felt difficult and confused from the whole of complex taxation affairs, MSUK always delivered a good solution and most of all, helped me to understand the issue and how to deal with. So, I am very happy to recommend to any business looking for great business partner!


W.H.Choi, IT Specialist,

Computer Republic

To this date, we have been a privileged client of MSUK accounting & business. It has been several years since we have worked with MSUK and their effort and efficiency of work is highly appreciated. They encourage clients to time-keep and work in advance which enables to heighten the quality of work by doing so. I believe that communication is a key for an accountant with their clients and they have delivered a great service with easy communication. I would be happy to recommend working with them to any business.


K.S.Kim, Director,

Rainbow ASSA Limited.

Excellent companion and supporter of the business. MSUK is a sound communicator, explains things to me in simple ways and always respond to my queries promptly. Many thanks to them for their brilliant assistance and invaluable advice.


S.Jeon, Director,

Shimter Ltd.

It's been a while since we have MSUK as our accountants. We provide all the in-house accounting records to MSUK and they review and make necessary returns to tax offices. However, we have been incredibly happy about our experience with MSUK as they explained so well to us about our records preparation for the various complicated tax returns and even completed all the necessary works by themselves for accurate and clear records; which leaves us to purely concentrate on my core business activity without worry. We are amazed of the level of professional commitments of the team. We appreciate all their help and support.


M.S. Kim, Director,

Dux Global Services Ltd